If you’ve had little or no higher education in a university classroom, you still may have earned credits toward a college degree — without even knowing it! Quite a few people are eligible to get college credit for life experiences without evening knowing they could. Furthermore, many conventional college degree programs don’t share this information with their students.

Many online degree universities, however, focus closely on a student’s career experiences in an effort to help them earn a college degree at home as quickly as possible. Advisors at distance learning institutions are trained to carefully evaluate and examine a student’s life experiences.

One example of life experience that may translate into college credit is the training required of military personnel. Soldiers are often required to take a number of training courses for their specialty occupation. In some cases, these courses equal college credit.

Students who have extensive work experience can also request a work experience equivalency to evaluate the exact number of years of college credit to which their professional experiences equate. Generally, the rule is that three years of work experience equals one year of college credit. This type of experience, however, is not usually accepted in place of a college diploma for higher education or graduate degree programs.

Finally, people can earn college credit for life experience by taking placement exams. These exams allow students to test out of, and thereby exempt themselves from taking, many introductory or even intermediate level courses. In this situation, students do not directly receive semester credit hours for their experience. They do, however, receive credit for a class or classes and are not required to spend time or money fulfilling these degree requirements.

You may have worked in a profession for many years, or taken technical courses that taught you skills without giving you college credits. If this is the case, check with an advisor at a top online school to determine whether you may be eligible to receive college credit for life experience.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get your college degree fast because you didn’t take the time to learn whether your skills could earn you credit in your college degree program. Take a moment to have an advisor evaluate your experience and determine whether any of it might be able to save you valuable time and money in your pursuit of a college degree.

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