No, this isn’t a transcript of yet another Tonight show, and David Letterman didn’t provide this list to us. We have learned from our readers, however, and your input has been valuable in ordering the top ten list of the reasons people choose distance learning university programs. Read our article and decide whether you agree. If you disagree, please feel free to comment on our guest blog.

*Reason Number 10: Spend less money on childcare and fuel than you would when attending a traditional college or university degree program. Use this extra savings to treat yourself to a relaxing vacation between online courses, or even in the middle of your distance learning degree.

*Reason Number 9: The virtual classroom is closely moderated by the professor, making it much more possible to avoid discrimination issues based on age, gender, or ethnic origin. Get the most out of your college degree program by avoiding these unnecessary hassles.

*Reason Number 8: Class time can be as short - or as long - as students need. One doesn’t have to sit in a classroom for four hours struggling to stay awake and retain the material or take notes.

*Reason Number 7: Accredited college degree programs offer the same educational credibility as those obtained at any traditional college. Prospective employers afford your educational credentials the same respect as those obtained at any other accredited school in the United States.

*Reason Number 6: Professors are more approachable. Because the learning takes place when the student sits down to learn, the professor can respond at his or her leisure. The student can take as much time as necessary to ask as many questions as he or she would like without waiting in line several minutes after class or trying to catch the professor during office hours.

*Reason Number 5: Students interact with one another via email, telephone, or learning management system (a virtual classroom). When they are assigned to work in groups on projects, they can schedule a time to talk online simultaneously, or message one another at their mutual convenience.

*Reason Number 4: Students are encouraged to actively participate in the class through interactions with other students and with the professor. This may occur by email, or by blackboard (another type of virtual classroom structure used on the Internet). They gain more from the class because of their increased level of interaction.

*Reason Number 3: Through virtual classrooms, students learn technology and computer skills not otherwise available to them in a traditional classroom. These valuable tools increase their professional expertise and media skills.

*Reason Number 2: Online schools employ professors and instructors from all over the world. These people have widely diverse experiences, teaching styles, and practical information to impart to their students. Distance learning students can take advantage of this wide range of experiences to increase their world perspective and assimilate or understand important values held by other cultures as well.

And the number one reason why selective students opt for a distance learning degree is:

*Reason Number 1: Students who pursue distance learning degrees have more freedom and flexibility than traditional students do. They can attend class from virtually anywhere, without missing an exam or lecture because they are caught in traffic or delayed at work. Distance degree students can pursue their education in the evening, when the house is quiet, or in the morning, before leaving from work. They don’t have to miss important classes or deadlines when they go on vacation.

Aren’t you tired of spending all your extra hard-earned money on gas and childcare so that you can earn a college degree and advance your education? Online college degree programs offer convenient, affordable alternatives for hardworking, intelligent adults who are ready to get a distance learning degree. Students who are ready to choose the smarter alternative select top online schools, and get a jump on their education. Isn’t it your turn to start at the top?

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